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I’ve discussed frozen v fresh on many occasions but I recall watching Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s programme on cooking veg. He was entertaining vegetarian friends so he actually took his cooker outside, freshly picked the vegetables, and cooked them there and then. He explained that as soon as you pick vegetables the sugar starts to turn to starch, immediately my ears pricked to learn how quick this occurred. I was gobsmacked to learn that this happens within the hour which strengthens Birds Eyes comment “picked to frozen” within one hour to seal in the flavour. And as I’ve said many times you can’t beat frozen. Gone are the days when frozen meant an inferior product however cheap is still cheap and some offerings may not taste as good or even be good quality.

So let me ask you a question !! How many times have you bought two chilled ready meals only to freeze the one for another day ? Did you realise when you freeze a meal or any product in your home freezer small water crystals form within the meal or meat or whatever you are freezing, no not ice cubes. These water crystals will not cause bacteria however they can cause “spoilage” even though the product is frozen. This will spoil the flavour and then of course there is the old freezer burn enemy. This us why all frozen food manufacturers use blast freezers to take the meal from +70C to -3C in less that 1 1/2 hours. This guarantees that all the flavour will be locked in just like “Birds Eye”

So after all that what is the message ?? Quite simple don’t for one minute think that frozen is sub standard because it’s anything but substandard because quite simply ” You can’t get fresher than frozen”

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