Authentic Indian


Add the flavour of the East to your event

If you are looking to add some spice to your event with the authentic Indian Catering experience, then you need look no further; Mister Daves will add a flavour of the East to your outdoor event.

Mister Daves will bring the authentic taste of India to every element of your event. Our menu is laden with Mister Daves distinctive level of exquisite cuisine, offering you a dining experience that is full of excitement and playful spice.

All of our menus are bespoke to each event. You are guaranteed an indulgence in Indian catering that is truly unique and tailored to your event.

We are very flexible with our menus and our aim is to ensure that your event is one that you will never forget, so we will tailor our menus and service packages to serve your event perfectly.

We provide Indian catering services for all kinds of events; weddings, charity dinners, special occasions and corporate events are all in our portfolio of excellence.

Why not add the excitement of the East to your event? Contact us and see how we can add some spice and grandeur to your event.



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