The Legend


Mister Daves

The birth of a legend

David Homer opened the first balti Restaurant in High Street, Lye in the 1980’s. Being English he simply called it “Mister Dave’s”. It was so popular that customers queued outside for a table and they bought their own beer & wine!

Dave eventually opened three more restaurants in Telford, Worcester & Kingswinford. He sold these when he set up his own factory to produce frozen Indian ready meals initially to local pubs and clubs. These took off hotter than a vindaloo or phal as customers got a great balti with their pint of choice from their favourite local.

The word got out about how great the meals were and soon retail shops asked for them. So Dave supplied Daisy Freezer Centre in Compton, Wolverhampton with 500g meals in foil trays with a basic label and no bar code. Yes, it became their best seller and was for over 20 years until Sainsbury’s bought the store.

The retail meals are legendary in the West Midlands, especially the Black Country and the meal titles have taken on local colloquialism’s such as “Bostin’ Chicken Balti. Dave even ships his ‘must have’ curry’s into coastal Europe so that the Brit’s don’t miss out on their adopted cuisine.

Dave’s never happier when trying new recipes and his Cookery Courses are popular as he talks great sense about Indian food non stop.

He’s also found a new enthusiasm in developing the Curry by Courier home delivery service as this has allowed him to again create traditional meals such as South Indian King Prawn curry and many others. He’s gone back to his culinary roots and wants to be known again as the leader in this 21st Century marketplace.

This time he’ll happily queue outside your door if that’s what’s needed to bring the legendary Mister Dave’s experience to your dining table.

Curry by Courier meals are now available direct to your home anywhere in the UK.

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