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Now you can get the Authentic taste of the East delivered direct to your door.


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Mister Daves range is stocked by numerous farm shops, delicatessens and convenience stores right across the country. If you would like to become one of our growing number of retail partners, contact us here.

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I’ve been trying to get Mister Daves curries for a while, fortunately I have been able to order regularly here. Daves Kormas are amazing. Thanks Dave!

— Ian

After a recent move to Solihull I was struggling to find Mister Dave’s. Thankfully I found this website. Your curries are the best I have ever tasted and should be in every blinking supermarket in the UK!

— Denise

Honestly, I cannot believe how good your curries are. Well done on a fantastic product. I’ve told everyone about them.

— Jonnie

Dave’s cookery course is great fun and shows you just how simple yet great Indian food can be. Even if you are just a casual cook like me it’s possible to make every dish turn out like a professional and taste delicious, and you’ll have such a laugh with Dave learning how! I’d recommend Mr Dave’s cookery course to all my friends, just be warned once you go on it you won’t be able to stop using your new found talents.

— Phil
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